這兩週是來法國後的第一個連假,法國每上6、 7週會放假噢,第一週我呈現一個耍廢的概念,沒辦法我實在是太期待第二週的巴黎之旅了。不過我星期三有跟轟媽去Yvoire和Thonon-les-Bains,這兩個鎮都是在Lac Léman旁的鎮,最美的風景莫過於站在高處看湖了。

These two weeks are the fist holidays after I came to France. We have two weeks of holidays after 6 or 7 weeks of school. The first week I’m just like doing nothing, because I was too excited about the trip to Paris in the second week. But on Wednesday, I went to Yvoire and Thonon-les-Bains with my host mom. These two towns are beside from Lac Léman. And the most beautiful scene is staring at the lake from high.


Yvoire. You can see how strong and cold the wind was. I got headache for about two days after I went back.(ha)


Yvoire is a town where keeps the old buildings, you’ll see a different world after going into the door.


Old and beautiful buildings with many special stores, make this town have a feeling of fairy tales.


And then we came to Thonon-les-Bains. At first we drove to the low part of the town, so we took a cute little train climbed to the hight.


I took from the hight of the town. The lake was just like the sea, had no border and very huge.


This Friday was the first time I cook here. I chose the easiest dish – fried rice. I was very afraid of failing cause I seldom cooked in Taiwan (mom was universal). Well but I cooked very successfully! I thought I made better than my mom haha.


Easy cooking and easy displaying. Next time I want to cook curry. Actually it’s all because I want to eat.


Next is the trip to Paris!! Without doubt, it will be a very long article. Well I was excited when I came to Paris.

我們星期六出發,在晚上抵達轟阿公阿嬤家,就在巴黎郊區,離車站大概走路10分鐘,超級方便的。星期日我們開始了巴黎健行兼觀光之旅哈哈,在巴黎每天都走超多路。星期日我們先去了Arc-de-Triomphe(凱旋門),我們搭著地鐵到了Charles de Gaulle Étoile,其實我一開始並不知道我們要去哪裡,然後一出站我就驚呆了!!是凱旋門誒!!!親眼看見他的龐大,我打從心底感受到我的渺小,也讚嘆其建築的精細。

We left on Saturday and arrived at the house of my grandparents in the night. Their house is very near from Paris, only 10 minutes by walk and you can get to the train station. It’s really convenient. On Sunday, we went to “Arc-de-Triomphe"(I don’t know the name in English). We took metro to Charles de Gaulle Étoile. Actually I didn’t know where we were going, and I was really shocked when I went out of the station!! It’s “Arc-de-Triomphe"!! I saw it in person and I felt how small I was, and how meticulous the building was.


I looked like an ant compare of it. Get close to Arc-de-Triomphe, you can see there are many names in the wall, and wars and their years on the ground. Those names present how many people sacrificed, and the true meaning, value of Arc-de-Triomphe. When I stood in front of it, I found how grand it really was.

而在凱旋門前方,即是知名的Champs Elysees(香榭大道),沿路上不外乎就是很多知名名牌,我很節省什麼都沒買,老實說我只帶了20歐(大概是台幣800元)來巴黎,我真的覺得我瘋了,國小畢旅花的都不止800(笑)。但我很喜歡Champs Elysees,不是因為走在路上會有種貴婦的感覺(這又是啥),是因為…純粹是享受巴黎的空氣吧,大概。

And in front of Arc-de-triomphe, it the famous “Champs Elysees". There are, of course, plenty of famous brands. I didn’t spend any money here. In fact, I only brought 20 euros (about NTD800) with me to Paris. I think I was crazy because I spent much more money when I went to the graduation trip in elementary school. But I like Champs Elysees very much. Not because you feel like a LADY when you walk on it (what the). It’s because… just enjoy the atmosphere of Paris, perhaps.

我在Champs Elysees看到了一家超大家的LADURÉE,我想是旗艦店吧,排隊的人龍長長一條呢。

I saw a very big LADURÉE in Champs Elysees. I think it’s the flagship store, there were many people queuing.


The package of macaron made me recall the year when my brother came back to Taiwan from France, he brought a little box of macaron. I really want to eat!!! I think I will bring some when I go back to Taiwan haha.


There are also public bikes in Paris. It feels like Ubike (public bike in Taipei), but the color of Ubike is lighter, and it’s cuter. But the designs are similar. I want to try it if I have chance next time.


An exterior of a company. I’m not sure what the company is, maybe for taking some photos?


Obelisk. Actually I think it’s little strange to see it in Paris, but time by time, people get used of it, I think.


We can see the hieroglyphs on the Obelisk. Of course I don’t understand it. But I really admired the people in ancient Egypt that they could invented this kind of words. Just like how foreigners think about Chinese, how mysterious, and how attractive it is.

從協和廣場(Place de la Concorde,就是方尖碑所在地)可以看到香榭大道(Champs Elysees)跟凱旋門(Arc-de-Triomphe),就是一個一直線的概念。

In front of the Place de la Concorde (where Obelisk is) is Champs Elysees and Arc-de-Triomphe. It’s just like a straight line.


There was something special at the Place de la Concorde, but you have to pay if you want to go inside. So I didn’t go inside, I just looked from outside.


This was many years ago, when France started to measure in Meter system instead of Foot system, for letting people know how long “a meter" is. My host mom was excited and took out the ruler to measure if it’s really one meter haha. The result was yes.


Comédie-Française, it’s a famous theater.


Usually the subway stations are very normal, hiding in this city. But there are also someone special, like this one. It’s very modern and little funny. I like it.

Le Palais Royal,有很有趣的公共藝術,下面兩張都是。

Le Palais Royal. There are some works of Public Art. it’s really interesting. The following two photos are all the Public Art.

Le jardin du Palais-Royal,這花園名叫Une pierre dans mon jardin,意思是我花園裡的一顆石頭。

Le jardin du Palais-Royal. The name of the garden is “Une pierre dans mon jardin", which means a stone in my garden.


Some art works. I don’t have much sense of art so I don’t comment about the works. Anyway they are beautiful.


The last sight today was Louvre!(My hands are really tired now after typing so many words) We didn’t visit inside, if we really wanted, I think it wouldn’t be enough even I have one week. So we just walked around. But it was satisfying even I just looked at the structure.


This kind of design is so complicated, beautiful and delicate. It really makes me stunned, and my mind were full of exclamation marks(!!!!!!!!!!!!)


The most beautiful scene I saw that day, I think it was the moment when the pyramid appeared in front of my eyes. I thought my breath was about to stop. The crystal pyramid with the sky which was dyed into light orange by the sunset glow, it was so beautiful that I almost forgot to breathe. And I wanted to cry because that scene was too touched.


Finally, I finished writing the article of the first day in Paris. I know it was almost one month ago, but every time when I thought that I have to write down all the thing I saw, I just felt… tired!!! SO I skipped them again and again, I hope I can finish them before the next holidays.

selina.luSelina 在法國東邊的交換學生札記旅遊LADURÉE,凱旋門,巴黎,香榭大道
這兩週是來法國後的第一個連假,法國每上6、 7週會放假噢,第一週我呈現一個耍廢的概念,沒辦法我實在是太期待第二週的巴黎之旅了。不過我星期三有跟轟媽去Yvoire和Thonon-les-Bains,這兩個鎮都是在Lac Léman旁的鎮,最美的風景莫過於站在高處看湖了。 These two weeks are the fist holidays after I came to France. We have two weeks of holidays after 6 or 7 weeks of school. The first week I'm just like doing nothing, because I was too excited about the trip to Paris in the second week. But on...